The tailor of your daily life

Polifra has five decades of experience in paper converting, offering many different solutions for everyone’s daily needs, putting the utmost attention on softness and resistance of the tissues. From the crepe paper and recycled paper products manufactured in the 60’s to the current pure cellulose, the choice of investing in quality and innovation has allowed Polifra to enhance its business and gain market share also by means of last-generation technology and dedicated skilled personnel. The optimization of the manufacturing process, the constant commitment of the cooperators, the new enlarged production site and the great experience acquired, allow Polifra to be highly flexible and to reply very quickly to the market needs, as well as to offer a dedicated product to any specific requirements.
Customers’ satisfaction has always been Polifra’s main goal. Raw materials are selected and constantly checked during the whole production cycle, in order to provide the final consumer with products with very high quality standards. For these reasons Polifra has been chosen by various European partners as main supplier of customized paper for more than 30 years.

  Polifra s.r.l. Operating Offices: Strada Vicinale Val di Fiocina 56043 Luciana - Fauglia (PI) Italy - p: +39 050 65 0313 f: +39 050 65 9243 - VAT IT 01424050498  
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