Polifra, 50 years of hystory

The Polini Family has a long tradition in the paper transformation sector, both for the sanitary and domestic use. When the activity started in the 60’s in a small 40m2 laboratory where only crepe paper and recycled paper products were manufactured, the toilet paper in pure cellulose as we know it nowadays did not exist at that time. Those were the years of the economic boom and this activity started to expand step by step. In the mid of the 70’s, the Polini family had a first lucky intuition: investing in the superior quality of the pure cellulose. This proved to be a great choice which led the company to develop increasingly and become known in the local and national market.
The small premises were not large enough, therefore the company moved to a brand new site, with a surface of 2000m2. During the years, Polifra has got experience and entrepreneurship and has become a company that can distribute its products all over Italy and in many European Countries.
1994 represents a milestone, as the company moves to the current 12000m2 site thanks to huge investments in infrastructures. An efficient and punctual logistic system has granted quicker and more precise deliveries of goods which brought Polifra to a rapid and remarkable growth. All over these years, the company has invested huge amounts into the manufacturing process, newest machineries, last-generation fully-automated production lines, and highly qualified personnel which have enabled Polifra to offer products with outstanding quality standards.


The small 40m2 laboratory in the 60’s walked a long way: 50 years have passed but today, just like before, Polifra is committed with passion and enthusiasm to its main purpose: the customer satisfaction.

Polifra s.r.l. Operating Offices: Strada Vicinale Val di Fiocina 56043 Luciana - Fauglia (PI) Italy - p: +39 050 65 0313 f: +39 050 65 9243 - VAT IT 01424050498
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