Deljs, your skin friend

The well-known Deljs brand, identified by the “paper with the baby” is now recognized and requested nationwide and has become the symbol of care and delicateness together with the best quality-price ratio in every product solution offered. Deljs was born in Tuscany, in a fully-automated factory where experience and tradition are combined with accurate quality checks and the most up-to-date manufacturing methods. This is why, beside the 2- or 3-ply toilet paper in pure cellulose, you can choose among more and more options such as embossed and micro-embossed paper, coloured tissues and the finest decorated scented products. A remarkable innovation is represented by the desl embossing, a special process which creates some “micro-cells” in the paper texture which traps the water giving a highest absorbing power. Distributed and well appreciated all over the Nation, very useful in- and outdoor, unreplaceable on many occasions and available in many variants, Deljs is your skin friend; delicate, tender and resistant, Deljs paper is at your side in each and every daily need.

A tissue for every need

Polifra produces toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchieves. Together with softness and resistance, you can appreciate the way in which the different needs of space optimization, long lasting performance and product range are satisfied. Our offer is made up of many solutions in terms of items and sizes, by granting to all products the finest tissues and the best quality-price ratio. All Deljs products do not exceed the 3 plies size in order to avoid any possible clog in the plumbing.

Our product catalogue

By clicking on the these icons, you can download our catalogue both in low resolution or high resolution .zip format. You can find the datasheets for the Grazia, Linda and Chiara product lines in the dedicated pages. Please, feel free to contact us for any query you might have by phone or by filling in the form that can be found in the contacts page, we will reply as soon as possible .

Polifra s.r.l. Operating Offices: Strada Vicinale Val di Fiocina 56043 Luciana - Fauglia (PI) Italy - p: +39 050 65 0313 f: +39 050 65 9243 - VAT IT 01424050498
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